The greatest legacy we can leave our children is happy memories

- Og Mandino

Learn to Ride Program

We provide a fool proof guide so that parents can teach their child to ride a bike for the first time with confidence and without stress.

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Building confidence

We provide a stress free, step by step introduction for you and your child to ease into the learn to ride process.

Practise, practise, practise

Repetition of key activities to fine tune proprioception and build confidence. All children progress through this step at varying speeds.

Safety skills

Once your child is up and pedalling, we cover some important safety skills like taking off and braking to complete the learn to ride experience.

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Cindy V.

All the information provided was on point to help us move past the scary part of learning to ride for our son.

Ben D.

We watched all the videos with our daughter to get her involved and understanding the process, then she was keen to give it a go!

Tristan A.

The tips were really helpful and there were definitely plenty of things we never considered to try. We had our son riding in 30min!

Start the learn to ride journey with your child today

Our online program includes step by step instructions with examples via video. We also cover a range of solutions to common problems for young riders starting out. 

Once purchased, the program will stay within your BEAKA library forever. 

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