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Empowering parents to confidently teach their child to ride a bike.

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Save your money from expensive lessons.

Take the credit and enjoyment and Do It Yourself.

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If you're tired of seeing your child struggle to learn how to ride a bike and you wish you could give them the independence and freedom that comes with cycling, then you've come to the right place.

Our program includes everything you need to successfully teach your child how to ride a bike, including:

    • Easy step-by-step video tutorials that show you exactly what to do
    • Printable downloadables to encourage motivation
    • Expert tips and tricks to make the learning process easy and stress-free¬†

With our program, you'll have the tools and resources you need to confidently teach your child how to ride a bike, without the need for expensive lessons or training courses.

Not only will your child gain the independence and freedom that comes with biking, but they'll also benefit from the physical and mental health benefits of regular exercise. Not to mention one less thing for you to worry about!

Don't let the fear of teaching your child to ride a bike hold you back any longer. Sign up for our Learn to Ride a Bike online program today and give your child the gift of cycling.

Is this something you would like for your child?

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Parents who teach their children to ride have…

  • a sense of accomplishment and pride in helping their child learn a new skill

  • the opportunity to bond and spend quality time with their child

  • the satisfaction of helping their child gain independence and mobility

  • the opportunity to promote healthy physical activity and a love of exercise

  • the chance to create lasting memories and a shared experience with their child


What's included in our DIY Learn to Ride...


Course Introduction

Running you through what will be taking place in the coming days/weeks/months (how ever long you wish to take to complete the program!):

  • Welcome to the Course.
  • Meet your instructor.
  • Finding your way around the Member Portal.

Before you get started

We want you to be successful, so before you even mention 2 wheels to your child, there are some little tips we run through in Module 2:

  • Psyching Up! Getting you and your child in the same bubble.
  • We outline the perfect location for your learn to ride lessons.
  • Provision of a before leaving the house check list.

The Process

Now we can get started... here entails Module 3:

  • We start nice and slow with some confidence boosting drills.
  • How best to introduce the pedals. 
  • Transitioning to next steps and when to do so.

Once your child is up and rolling

Here in Module 4 we'll highlight some further tips and advice to pass onto your child to ensure they are safe now that they are moving:

  • Teaching your child how to take off by themselves.
  • Teaching your child how to brake.
  • Providing some turning and handlebar control exercises.¬†

Extra Assistance

For many parents, this will be anything but a smooth sailing experience. We know there will be hiccups, but don't worry, we've seen them all! We'll troubleshoot these here in Module 5:

  • Customising your plan for children who need extra help with balance.
  • Assistance when it comes to boosting the confidence in your child.
  • Trouble shooting technical issues.

PLUS free downloadables!


The benefits of our
DIY Learn to Ride...

  • Convenience:¬†our program allows parents to teach their child to ride at their own pace and on their own schedule, rather than having to coordinate with a separate class or instructor.

  • Customisation:¬†you can tailor your program to include some of our additional troubleshooting videos and downloads if your child has extra challenges to riding a bike for a more personalized learning experience.

  • Cost-effectiveness:¬†our program is more cost-effective than hiring a private instructor or enrolling in a class (or several classes!)

  • Accessibility:¬†our program can be accessed from any location with an internet connection, making it convenient for parents who may not have access to local riding classes.

  • Bonding opportunity: Teaching a child to ride can be a rewarding and enjoyable bonding experience for parents and children.


I'm Emily Manchon

Welcome to my world of biking success!  I'm a certified and skilled cycling instructor with a deep passion for advocating the benefits of outdoor activities.  In my role as a Learn-to-Ride instructor, I bring a wealth of knowledge and experience. Drawing from my background in sports event management and my experience as a former Australian Age Group Triathlete, I have the ability to teach children how to ride a bike safely and confidently.

I've had the pleasure of helping hundreds of kids learn how to ride, and it brings me great pride to witness my students progress from training wheels to becoming independent riders in just one hour.  And now my goal is to provide parents with an easy and stress-free way to teach their children how to ride. 

"All the information provided was on point to help us move past the scary part of learning to ride for our son."

- Cindy Varnier

"We watched all the videos with our daughter to get her involved and understanding the process, then she was keen to give it a go!"

- Ben Davies

"The tips were really helpful and there were definitely plenty of things we never considered to try.  We had our son riding in 30min!"

- Tristan Abba

DIY Learn to Ride

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